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Advanced Diamond Solutions Core Products

Large Area Graphene Sheets
Graphene is the ideal material for many dream applications, such as single electron transistors, field emission sources, electrode-based lighting, solar cells embedded in flexible materials such as fabrics, terra hertz surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters, wall paper displays, UV light emitting diodes, atomic gas sensors, DNA/antigen sensor wafers…etc... However, a practical method to fabricate meter-sized graphene is still beyond imagination. ADS has made use of liquid phase manufacturing methods to produced graphene of several hundreds micron directly from low cost graphite; our graphene reveals silk-like tenderness with transparent folding lines. ADS is currently investigating molten metal alloy catalyst manufacturing processes which have the potential to produce meter sized graphene sheets. ADS is offering samples of large area graphene for sale, for limited research purposes. Additional information may be found in our Large Area Graphene whitepaper here. Or please fill out our online sample quotation request form here.

DLC PCB For High Brightness LED Applications
HeaThru-LED is a revolutionary PCB technology based on DLC (diamond-like carbon) films; ADS's innovative thermal product is designed for next generation HB-LED products. DLC is a highly thermal conductive material that has much higher heat dissipation performance than conventional MCPCB substrates which rely on an insulation layer (epoxy/fillers) that is thermally insulating as well. The most significant performance advantages of HeaThru-LED is superior thermal spreading and thermal conductivity, which at 475 W/mk is 100-times higher than conventional MCPCB fillers. This results in significant improvements on the lifetime, reliability, stability, and light intensity achievable for LED lighting products. Read more here.

Diamond Composites / Thermal Management Products
Advanced Diamond Solutions offers a number of innovative diamond-metal and diamond-ceramic thermal management composites, including DiaCu, DiaAl and DiaSiC. Our products offer significantly improved thermal conductivities due at much lower costs than pure diamond, due to the use of abrasive quality diamond grain fillers. Please see our Heathru Products page for more information.

Advanced Diamond Energy / Solar Cell & Thermionic Energy Products
Advanced Diamond Solutions is currently engaged in a number of innovative projects related to the development of thermionic solar cells using amorphous diamond nanostructures. Amorphous diamond solar cells offer the potential to yield efficiencies of 50% or more at less than half the cost of conventional consumer grade silicon solar cells. Amorphous diamond also holds the potential to improve flat panel display technologies, IR sensor technologies as well as innovative low cost alternatives to fluorescent lighting. Please see more about the amorphous diamond technologies here.

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