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Advanced Diamond Solutions HeaThru Products

HeaThru is a breakthrough diamond composite family, with keynote product DiaCu, a diamond/copper composite with extremely high thermal conductivity for the IC thermal management industry. HeaThru DiaCu is currently used in heat spreaders, heat pipe, and heat sink applications. It is offered in two levels of conductivity, DiaCu-1 and DiaCu-II, at approximately 2x and 3x the conductivity of copper, respectively. HeaThru DiaSil is our diamond-silicon composite, geared toward low electrical conducitivity, precision CTE-matching needs.

The HeaThru Advantage:
  • High thermal conductivity (2-3x copper!)
  • Tunable thermal expansion rate (silicon/GaAs compatible)
  • Metallization; HeaThru can be metallized for direct bonding with heat pipes, heat sinks or even the chip die
  • Ni/Ag/Au Plating: HeaThru can be plated with just about any metal
  • Very flat and smooth surfaces
  • Very hard and durable
  • Tunable range of electrical conductivities and thermal properties
  • Low density and lightweight
  • Low cost!

HeaThru PDF Brochure* (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader)
*Note all specification reflect estimates based on experimental material; production pieces may vary


New Product: DiAl, Diamond-Aluminum Composite
Advanced Diamond Solutions, Inc. announces the qualification of a new composite material, DiAl, which offers high K, mid range CTE and greater dimensional flexibility. DiAl is a molded composite, and can be made to near-net-shape customer requirements. Inquire today about DiAl for your thermal management needs.

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